Terms & Conditions
imbeyonds would like to thank all users that come to visit and use services through our website.
This website provides users with information, articles to create reliability and understanding of our services. We would like to let you know that we have privacy policies of all users as following:
Privacy notes
All privacy information, you provide or use through our processing of the computers that control the website of imbeyonds.com, are allowed and agreed by you that will be the ownership of imbeyonds. We will try our best to protect your information and would like to state that we use the universal standard of security system to protect your information. However, you need to follow our requirements and conditions while using our services & website strictly for your privacy information safety.
In case you have received damages that came from the lost or any damages of privacy information, or whatever reasons including but not limited to the espionage with the way of electronic (hack) or force majeure, or in any cases, imbeyonds reserves the right to refuse responsibilities of all causes and will not be responsible for any damages or lost that may occur.
For your and other users’ privacy information safety and regularity in service use, you are agreed to not do any action to violate the privacy rights or any other rights of external parties and intellectual property of imbeyonds or external parties. Likewise, you must not do any action that against the laws and/or good morals by not deliver/present any inappropriate, impolite, sarcastic, caused conflict, confidential, or fraudulent content (texts, pictures, animations) through our services. You must also not do any action that could create lost/damages to organization and/or external parties. If there is found any acts as stated or has reason to suspect that the information is not true, Imbeyonds reserves the right to delete, withhold any content without prior notice.
Users Privacy’s Rights
imbeyonds has policy to respect users privacy’s rights. We will not verify, edit any information unless we found, with good intention, that the actions are needed to :
  • follow the needs of law process
  • protect and prevent rights or properties of organization
  • give force to condition for providing services of organization
  • protect other users’ benefits